Ryan Bailey

Ryan Bailey

After once having to supervise the loading of giant inflatable rubber duck onto a lorry, Ryan Bailey tends to take everything else in his stride.

This was one of the things Ryan experienced during his nine years working for a large haulage and distribution company in the North East.

Whilst Kellars has no rubber ducks to send to customers, we do have quite a lot of flooring to distribute, so Ryan is the perfect person to oversee this on our behalf.

In his role as Fleet Planner, he has to plan and schedule the deliveries we send to our customers form our three regional deports in the North East, North West and Manchester, as well as managing the 28 drivers who make these deliveries.

He does this from our head office in Shildon with the help of a bespoke IT system which allows him to map routes and even get real-time information about where our vehicles are, to ensure we can make the next day deliveries our customers have come to expect from us.

Ryan, 27, joined Kellars in September after a tip-off about the new role from an old school friend, who also works for Kellars.

He says: “I may not have to see a giant rubber duck being loaded, thankfully, but I have still had to learn about the shape of different types of flooring and how they can be loaded onto lorries.

“When you consider that we have 150 deliveries a day going out from our North West depot, 50 in Scotland and 70 here in the North East, that requires a lot of planning.

“But we have a great system and at the end of the day, it’s all about maintaining the high level of customer service we provide, ensuring our customers get their deliveries when expected.”

Ryan, who enjoys watching and playing football, and photography in his spare time, says he is looking forward to making his own contribution to Kellars’ continued growth.

He adds: “We are growing at such an exponential rate that the possibilities are endless, so it’s exciting to be part of it.”