Jackie Kellars

Jackie Gee

Transport is in the very DNA of Jackie Gee. That’s because from the age of nine, it’s all she has ever known, having grown up and worked in her family’s…

Ian Booth

The chances are that if you drive a car, watch Formula 1, have been to Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport or driven through the Azerbaijan tunnel in Baku (granted not…
Ryan Bailey

Ryan Bailey

After once having to supervise the loading of giant inflatable rubber duck onto a lorry, Ryan Bailey tends to take everything else in his stride. This was one of the…

Ellie Featherstone

Ellie Featherstone needed no encouragement to get on her bike to find a job, after all it’s something she’s being doing since the age of five. Getting on her bike…
Lee Cartwright

Lee Cartwright

In his army career, Lee Cartwright found himself in some of the world’s most difficult hotspots. Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Northern Ireland, to name just a few. Now working for Kellars…

Customer update

Dear Customer, As you will be aware, the Government’s latest lockdown restrictions come into effect from Thursday 5th November and will run until 2nd December. We therefore wanted to advise…

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