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Our Manual Handling certified Instructors

Manual handling

At Kellars we prioritise safety in each and every department, whether it be office, warehouse or transport, so our Kellars staff jumped at the opportunity to become Manual Handling Instructors.

Most people don’t think twice about the risk when handling products in the workplace, so at Kellars we want to ensure that day to day roles are carried out in the safest way possible. 

The safety and well-being of our employees at Kellars is at the forefront of our priorities, which is why we chose to work with Pristine Condition International who specialise in Manual Handling training.

Pristine condition International have 25 years of global success and are a world leading organisation specialising in manual handling solutions.

For the first time ever, Pristine condition have introduced the science of Olympic weightlifting techniques to the industry and brought with it some unprecedented results. 

They have taken the mechanics of weightlifting and put this understanding into reducing pressure on the body when carrying out daily tasks, guaranteeing a 50% reduction of injury.

All 11 colleagues who took part in the course based in the warehouse at Shildon, our North East depot including an apprentice have successfully passed the course and are now qualified as POPS (Passing on the Principles) Instructors.

Ellie, a course participant said “the course was of extreme benefit for my role, providing me with a full understanding of how to handle and move products safely, taking into account each of the four principles”

A bespoke programme was provided for Kellars, so that all 11 participants could get a precise insight and demonstration of how manual handling should be carried out in the workplace. 

The course was made up of both theory and practical aspects, where each employee was assessed when carrying out tasks practically and safely using the four principles of manual handling, giving the Kellars team a fantastic understanding on how to carry out tasks efficiently.  

Lee, who has successfully passed the course said “Having worked with Pristine Conditioning before I know that they use practical and realistic Principles that ensures that you can get your manual handling task done safely”

This was an excellent way to introduce more safety measures across the depot, and increase the understanding of manual techniques, as well as making employees aware of their surroundings in the workplace.