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Bringing the Outdoors In: Kellars Natural Flooring Decors for Spring

As the vibrant colours of spring begin to bloom outside, why not invite that fresh feeling indoors with Kellars natural flooring decors? We’ve handpicked some of our favourite ranges to help you transform your living space while staying within your budget and interior style.

Spotlight on Kellars Favourites: Lazio and Messina

Our spotlight shines brightly on the Lazio and Messina ranges, available in an array of 16 captivating colours. Among our array of Spring favourites are the light and fresh tones, including Stepping Stone 1577, Straw 1576, and Saxon Stone 1578 from the Messina range. Lazio offers two pile heights – 6mm elite and 11mm deluxe, ensuring exceptional comfort alongside style.

Allora SPC: Bringing the Brightness Indoors

For those looking to introduce the cosiness of oak with a touch of spring sunshine, our Allora SPC range is the perfect choice. With decors like Stoney Oak, French Oak, and Warm Walnut, you can create your space with warmth while maintaining an airy, spacious feel. Our Herringbone and Plank products, known for their popularity during spring renovations, offer both style and functionality, featuring an anti-slip layer and noise reduction properties ideal for those busy households.

Award-Winning Alva Strikes Again

Alva LVT continues to impress with it’s Plank and matching Herringbone decors, including Natural Oak, English Oak, Pewter Light Oak, and Havana Grey. Whether you’re seeking a contemporary wood look or a modern aesthetic, Alva has you covered with a wide selection of products, each finished with a textured and embossed feature.

Octavian Vinyl: Practicality Meets Style

For areas prone to high moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and utilities, our Octavian Vinyl selection provides over 85 decors across 9 ranges. From plain to patterned, stone to wood styles, each product boasts easy installation and comes in 2m, 3m, and 4m widths to suit every room. Standout options include Zircon Vidimus 97 and Zircon Estrella for those seeking patterned vinyl, while the Atlantis range offers 9 herringbone-style decors for a modern twist.

Find Your Perfect Flooring Today

Ready to revitalise your home for spring? Speak to your local area sales manager to explore our range of products or open an account with us for access to all your flooring needs. Alternatively, we can direct you to your nearest retailer to discover specific products firsthand.