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Stewart Jones: Driving growth and building industry relationships as an Area Sales Manager at Kellars.

Stewart Jones, Area Sales Manager officially joined Kellars on May 10th, 2023, bringing a wealth of experience in the flooring industry since starting at the age of 16. With a background predominantly in flooring distribution and a recent stint in flooring screed manufacturing, Stewart aimed to return to the domestic flooring industry in a familiar geographical area.

Having spent 11 years working in the Midlands previously, Stewart saw the move to Kellars as an opportunity to build on existing relationships and explore new territories. Positive feedback from colleagues painted Kellars as a company on the rise, motivating Stewart to join the team as an Area Sales Manager. 

Initially tasked with covering the outer West Midlands, including postcode areas like WS, WV, TF, and SY, Stewart later transitioned to managing the CV area. Despite starting without prior customer relationships in Coventry, Stewart has been proactive in building connections since November, and aims to continue developing the Kellars name in the Southern sectors of the country.

Looking ahead to 2024, Stewart is optimistic about expanding Kellars’ presence in the region. With a robust product portfolio and competitive pricing, Stewart believes Kellars is well-positioned to meet customer needs and drive growth.

Stewart Jones, Area Sales Manager says: “Joining this company has been an incredibly exciting journey for me. From day one, it’s been evident that we’re in a period of rapid growth across all fronts of the business. The emphasis on branding and marketing is great to see, especially in an industry where nothing quite like this has been seen before.

Innovative strategies are constantly being developed to push our presence in the market, and Kellars’ participation in exhibition events allows us to showcase our offerings to a wider audience, which I think is what sets us apart is the exclusivity within our product range. Each individual in the team brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, yet we’re all united by our shared vision and commitment to success”

In the coming year, Stewart aims to achieve a high turnover of sales in the managed area, leveraging Kellars’ solid stock holdings and forthcoming product launches. He looks to progress into a managerial role in the long term, driven by a commitment to professional growth and success within the company.