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2023 Marketing and Brand Concept Alva LVT

Kellars are excited to share their success of winning the 2023 Brand and Marketing Concept Flooring Innovation Category Award for the 3rd consecutive year, but this time for our Alva LVT collection and overall brand.

Each year, the level of marketing, brand and design is significantly increasing on a whole. Exhibition stands are renowned in the industry for being the main centrepiece at ‘The Flooring Show’ every September, giving new and existing customers the opportunity to invest into stands and collections, so that they can present these in their shops and showrooms.

Since the launch of Alva in late 2023, there has been a rising demand from our customers, who are eager to introduce this unique and innovative brand into their stores across the UK, which will continue to rise since the award winning success, leading to an increase in their showroom status with this fantastic addition. 

With marketing and branding playing a crucial role in the performance of suppliers, wholesalers, and in both the business to business, and the business to customer market, this achievement represents Kellars in the way that we strive for every day.

Along with our exhibition stands that are available in multiple options, the Alva LVT brand consists of sample board graphics, A4 sample booklets, branded packaging, and both additional online and print marketing materials to add further value and exclusivity as a whole.

Mike Davey, Head of brand and creative says: “We aim to design each concept or brand to reflect and align with who we are as a company. Kellars is a rapidly growing supplier, which means that keeping up with industry competition, and both flooring and design trends is key for us when developing and designing brands and visuals.

If you haven’t checked out our collection of Alva LVT products yet, fear not, Kellars are highly stocked across 4 depots: Shildon, Stockport, Glasgow and Rugby, to ensure we can meet and exceed the ongoing demand for flooring products in the UK. We’re able to provide the majority of our customers with next day delivery on stocked products, and put you on our stand order list for early 2024.


• 10 Planks, 10 matching colour Herringbone, and 4 Tile with branded sample board stickers.

• Each board has a 0.5mm wear layer, 2.5mm total thickness, and multi-bevelled edge.

Looking to stock award winning products into your store this year? You can contact our sales team on 0161 443 0970, or, if you already have an account with us, you can discuss with your local Area Sales Manager.