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Our RTITB certified Instructors

Many factors come into play when it comes to transport safety, whether it is working with forklifts (FLT’s), HGV’s or general manual handling and warehouse duties, we take our Health and Safety seriously here at Kellars. 

Not only is safety at the top of our priority list, operating safely, efficiently and reliably is significant when transporting products to our customers across the UK. 

Over the previous months, three key forklift drivers have been training with RTITB and have recently been certified by this industry leading training provider as RTITB FLT Instructors.

RTITB is a team of experts who are dedicated to the goal of keeping people safe.

This training provider is a team of individuals who set industry leading training standards and provide workplace transport training solutions specifically designed to change behaviour, including accreditation, auditing and assessment services. 

This course has provided our 3 Forklift Instructors with the skills to pass on the skills required to operate the forklift truck safely and efficiently, carry out a pre-use inspection, and recall and explain the causes of lift truck and load instability. 

Wondering how this has an impact at Kellars? The RTITB qualification helps set the standard to create a safer environment for our Forklift operators and warehouse staff, this also ensures that products are handled and transported with care and in a safer, more efficient environment. 

The RTITB FLT Instructors course is only one of the courses that these 3 members of the team have passed, they have recently been certified Manual Handling Instructors via Pristine Condition International to ensure that we are operating at the highest and safest possible standard and we are passing on the principles to work safer. 

At Kellars, we want to minimise the risk factors in the workplace so completing this course was a fantastic achievement for Kellars and our workforce. 

Lee, Health & Safety Manager at Kellars said: 

“Having worked with both RTITB and Pristine Conditioning during my time in previous roles, I am aware of the great standards in which they set”

“Both training providers have an outstanding track record of reducing incidents in the workplace working in partnership with onsite safety teams”

“The colleagues who have taking on this extra responsibility to train now have the confidence, manner, attitude and diligence to help make our workplace a safer and great place to work”

“Health & Safety is more than just slips trips and falls and risk assessments etc. it’s about the way we do things here at Kellars”