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Our contribution to Bolton High School

Here at Kellars Flooring, we are passionate about giving back, improving our community, and contributing towards the development of people, centres, or schools in need of help and renovation, and that would be of benefit of helping to make a positive change when it comes to mental health and well-being.

In June 2021, Kellars kindly donated to the renovation and furnishing of a well-being room in Ladybridge High School in Bolton by supplying the flooring so that they can finalise the room.

Beverly, from Ladybridge High says “We are keen to ensure that the well-being of our staff and learners is at the forefront of everything we do”

“This has been more important than ever given the last 16 months, where the Covid-19 pandemic has had such a wide-ranging effect on mental health within our school community”

The School and Kellars were keen to make a positive difference and meet the mental health needs of all staff and learners, so they dedicated an area of the school to a ‘Well-being Room’ for everyone to use as and when they need it.

At Kellars, we donated one of our Carpets to Ladybridge so that they could complete the renovation and furnish it in such a way that it created a homely feel for those who use it.

“Introducing this room to the school means that this will provide learners with the warm and welcoming surroundings that will help them to relax and open up when speaking with staff around any issues they may be experiencing”

“Discussing something personal with an adult can prove to be a daunting experience for young people, particularly if this is in an office environment. So having the Wellbeing Room will be effective in removing what could be a potential barrier to them receiving the help that they need”

Ladybridge were keen to get started with the renovation and chose to use Kellars as a supplier for the carpet, and wall 2 wall Carpets Bolton for installing the flooring free of charge.

Kellars and Wall 2 Wall Carpets are excited to see how their contribution will help to benefit the school and individuals.

Beverly said “We chose Kellars to provide the carpet for our Wellbeing Room on the back of a recommendation from a member of our staff, who had their own positive experience with the company” 

“Throughout the process of selecting and fitting the carpet, we as a school received fantastic service. However, we were overwhelmed by the gesture that Kellars then made in donating the carpet free of charge, which has then allowed us to buy other furnishings for the room”

“On behalf of all staff and learners at Ladybridge, I would like to pass on a big thank you to Kellars for playing their part in helping to put our Wellbeing Room together – it is very much appreciated”­