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Kellars August Newsletter

Now that August is underway, our Kellars monthly Newsletter is back, and is updated with the latest news, projects and developments that have taken place over the last month.

Centicus carpets:

Kellars offer and extensive range of carpets which can be supplied quickly and easily using our next day delivery service across the UK in our Kellars branded fleet trucks. We have 300+ colours across our 3 ranges: Centicus, Amphora and Senteos, each providing different levels of thickness, comfort, and durability. Each of our carpets are highly stocked in 4m & 5m

You can contact our sales team to order these ranges, or our branded stands on 0161 443 0970 or

Staff profile: Ian Booth

When it comes to Kellars Operations Manager Ian Booth, there is nothing he hasn’t experienced, whether it’s car electronics for Volkswagen, Nissan, Porsche, or Ferrari, manufacturing LED lighting or owning his own business for several years.

Ian was tasked with building the new LED lighting for Heathrow airport Terminal 5. 

“This was an extremely challenging but exciting time for me as I was set a target date for the project completion. I have had experience in working under pressure, and was tested when I received a phone call from design to say that this needed to be completed in 4 days”

“At this point I was working day and night with my team on board so that the whole of the lighting in Terminal 5 at Heathrow did not get shut down”

After building up his experience across the globe working on circuit board electronics, Ian decided that it was time to divert his career elsewhere, after spending more than 30 years in the engineering industry.

10 months ago, Ian began working as a Warehouse Supervisor based in our Shildon depot in the Northeast, and shortly after was promoted to Depot Manager after only 2-3 months.

“After being at Kellars for such a short amount of time, I was excited to get started with this new opportunity as Depot Manager”

Although Ian isn’t travelling the globe for Kellars, he knew that there was scope for huge expansions and developments for the wholesaler and was keen to use the opportunity to bring his knowledge and experience to the team.

Another promotion later, Ian has worked his way up to Operations Manager where he is overseeing the managers for each depot and making sure that everything is running as consistently and smoothly as possible across each depot.

“Since I was promoted to Operations Manager, no day is the same, and I love the challenge of different tasks and roles in and out of the warehouse”

From an electrical Engineer to Warehouse Supervisor, to Depot Manager, to Operations Manager in 12 months. Ian has certainly built up some experience and knowledge in a new industry and is now focusing on the fine tuning of operations and efficiency of the company.

“Focusing on the consistency of Kellars is one of my priorities for each depot, ensuring that they working to the same high standard, smartly and safely”

The next step for the Operations Manager is to expand his team, so that he can pass his knowledge onto the younger generation by recruiting an admin apprentice this Summer.

“This team expansion will be a huge help to myself, and the company as new SOP’s (Standard operating procedures) will be put into place to continue the high standard of operational tasks across the business.

Huge investments and expansions in terms of depots has meant that Ian has needed to spend 8 weeks in our new Rugby depot.

His busy schedule consisted of setting up the depot from scratch, managing and overseeing internal and external fittings, training new employees, and adding the finishing touches to the running of the warehouse.

“The business has been rapidly expanding over the previous 12 months, and the future looks exciting and promising for Kellars, I can’t wait to be a part of the journey”

Away from Ian’s challenging and eventful work schedule, he enjoys cycling and spending time playing golf, and is excited to finally head to Europe once restrictions have been lifted, as well as socialising with friends and work colleagues from across the country. His future goal is to buy a boat on the Hartlepool Marina.

Health and Safety:

Here at Kellars, Health and Safety, and keeping our staff and workplace safety is at the forefront of our priorities. That is why over the past month we have worked with PHS to ensure and keep our hygiene, air care and washroom services in control and make sure that these are looked after for our staff. PHS work nationally which is great for Kellars as they can aid the continuous growth and expansions across the UK. 

We are also taking control of our recycling and waste management to help do our bit for the environment. Kellars Waste Management systems are now in place; our waste wood goes to biomass and is used as fuel to produce heat and electricity, this is a great recycling method, and wood is something we always have available. This helps Kellars send less waste to landfill.

Jess, Health and Safety Admin Apprentice, says: “This is a great opportunity for Kellars and helps to keep our waste down. Biomass also adds a source of revenue from the manufacturers. Working with PHS is a great way to keep the health, safety and hygiene in order, and ensures that every depot and office has all that they require to operate safely”

Our qualified first aiders

Kellars have successfully had 5 staff members pass and complete the Help First Aid Training course. Having qualified First Aiders in the workplace ensures that we are operating at the highest and safest standard whether this be in office, or in the warehouse.

This course covers all aspects of First Aid at work, basic life support training and first aid for children amongst others. The Help First Aid trainers support the students and learners and ensures that they are fully confident and competent in their first aid skills, and the wealth or experience and expertise ensures that staff receive the most effective training possible. This local provider is for both workplace and non-workplace First Aid courses.

Lee, our Health and Safety Manager says: “This three-day course covers the practical skills needed by a first aider in the modern workplace. The course complies with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and the Approved Code of Practice L74 guidelines for the qualification of workplace first aiders. 

The course will give the confidence and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. Working in Warehousing is a high-risk environment and therefore these skills are essential to our team.”

Growth Story

Across our 5 depots, we are developing our new branding by installing new interior and exterior signage in Stockport, Shildon, Glasgow, Rugby, and Leeds. Currently, the Rugby racking fittings are now taking place, so that we can begin to import stock into the depot and get Rugby up and running by September. 

To support and kickstart the new depot openings we have heavily invested into stock, transport, and infrastructure, allowing us to continue growing at a rapid rate across the company. We always strive to accomplish our vision to be the largest, independent wholesaler in the UK, whilst continuously pushing to reach and exceed the expectation of our customers, so that we can provide a service like no other.