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12 Floors of Christmas

12 Floors of Christmas

With less than 12 days to go until Christmas, Kellars shared 12 of their favourite and most popular flooring products across social media as the ’12 floors of Christmas’ from 1st-12thDecember.

2022 is just around the corner, which means new stock, new ranges, and new point of sale. Take a look at our 12 floors of Christmas recap below.

Day 1: Allora SPC Herringbone – Chateau Grey.

Our 22 decor Allora SPC Collection has recently been developed with new branding, which was showcased in our 150sqm stand in Harrogate. Expect nothing less than 6 Herringbone decors, 5.2mm thickness, and a real wood texture and aesthetic. 

Day 2: Octavian Vinyl – Aveiro 99

With over 100 products across our Octavian Vinyl collection, our Aveiro 99 is the perfect choice for a unique style and appearance, which can be ordered in 2m, 3m & 4m rolls. 

Day 3: Centicus Carpet – Regal 78

After popular demand of our Centicus Carpet collection products and stands, we wanted to show you one of our Regal Carpets as a room shot. This product is available in 4m & 5m, with an actionbac backing and a twist pile type.

Day 4: Forma Laminate Patrease – Southern Grey Oak

One of our newest range additions to the Forma Collection is the Patrease laminate, which has been a customer favourite. This award-winning brand (2021) has been a huge point of sale for Kellars and is supplied in branded packs for added value. Check out our Instagram for a closer look at the product.

Day 5: Allora SPC Tile – Quartz Grey

Another one of our favourites from our Allora SPC Collection is our Quartz Grey Tile, which has been in high demand since 2020. Kellars are offering branded stands with an optional lightbox, along with 22 decors of SPC products.

Day 6: Octavian Vinyl – Alaska

Today’s favourite is our Alaska Octavian Vinyl, which gives a Herringbone style appearance, suitable for a modern or traditional interior. With a slip resistant layer and suitability for underfloor heating means that this product is the ideal choice for bathrooms.

Day 7: Centicus Carpet – Peony 81

One of our 300+ carpets in the Centicus collection is the Peony 81 which can be ordered in 4m rolls. Providing both luxury and durability in one product, this Saxony carpet range has 10 colours available to order in large or small cuts or rolls.

Day 8: Forma Amazone – Siberian Spruce

Our 10mm Laminate Amazone boards have an AC5 Rating and area size of 1.3m2 in each of our 8 decors. You can find out more on our Forma Collection on our website, social media platforms or sales team.

Day 9: Floorlink – Rapid Setting Underlayment

In need of a screed? Our highly stocked range of adhesives, screeds and compounds ensure you can add the finishing touches to your flooring project along with an extensive range of other underlay and accessories in our Floorlink brand.

Day 10: Octavian Vinyl – Scottsdale 196L

Our unique Scottsdale 196L vinyl in our Octavian collection is a popular choice from over 100+ products across our 11 ranges. This product is available to order from our Lusso range which provides our customers with an R10 rating, 2.5mm thickness, and 14 decors. 

Day 11: Allora SPC – Smoke Mist Oak

Show your elegance with our Allora SPC Plank range. A customer favourite is Smoke Mist Oak, which means we are always highly stocked on our 22 decors. Each board has a hardwearing  heavy domestic wear level, combined with a real wood aesthetic.

Day 12: Forma Laminate: Chalk Oak Bonetto Herringbone

Our 2021 Award Winning brand ‘Forma’ provides the customer with 11 ranges of laminate, including our unique Bonetto Herringbone, in 9 colours. With thicknesses ranging from 7mm-12mm, embossed texture finishes and branded packs and stands, you can’t miss this out on your next order.