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Geoff Abernethy

When it comes to flooring, our Northern Sales Manager, Geoff Abernethy has never looked back. He has certainly been part of our successful journey in the industry, and looks to continue the growth for Kellars in 2022.

With a busy work schedule, responsible for 6 sales representatives, and multiple key accounts, he certainly is a popular face for flooring in the UK.

At the age of 18, he began working in a wholesale carpet warehouse and worked his way through the ranks which has got him to where he is today. 30 years on, Geoff is still as keen as ever, and says he “wouldn’t have it any other way”

The Wiganer has spent the past 21 months at Kellars analysing the stock, products and overall development of the company and it’s brand.

We were keen to find out that his favourite range is the ‘Lazio’ Carpets, and describes this as a ‘carpet mans carpet’ or a ‘mugs handful’

With newly introduced branded stands for our Forma, Allora and Centicus, Geoff says:

“I love the Forma Laminate stand, which won us our first award last year. It holds 73 decors, varying with 7mm budget options to fantastic 12mm choices, both at affordable and realistic prices.

In his time at Kellars, we asked Geoff what his best moment has been so far. His response was “My promotion to Northern Sales Manager, which will take some beating, but who know what the future will hold for this forward-thinking company”

As we progress through 2022, it’s time to talk about all-things flooring ahead of the unmissable event taking place in Harrogate in September.

“The 2021 show for Kellars was absolutely phenomenal, showcasing our new wall stands, lecterns branding and award-winning point of sale”

“This year will be a strange year for us all at the show as we have sadly just lost our irreplaceable talisman and Sales Director ‘Dave Francis’, who was the heartbeat of Kellars. This year won’t be the same without him, but we must soldier on as this is what Dave would have wanted. Many glasses will be raised to you Franny”