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Let’s talk Forma: Our Award Winning flooring brand

Last years award winner is still one of our top sellers, and with continuous brand developments, we wanted to give you more of an insight into the specification of our Forma collection and ranges,

With 74 colours, and thicknesses ranging from 7mm to 12mm means that we can offer both quality and realistic price points for each of your customers. 

September 2022 saw the addition of the new circular stand, which we have launched to enable our smaller retailers to have the opportunity to showcase an award winning collection in their store. 

This stand is perfect for brightening up your store, or filling some free space, as well as providing a wide selection of products for the customer at various price options. 

Let’s talk specifications for our 9 Forma Laminate ranges:

X1 7mm range

X4 8mm (Including Herringbone) ranges

X2 10mm ranges

X2 12mm ranges

Standard plus 

7mm • 8 Colours • V4 Groove • AC3 Rating 


8mm  • 8 Colours • V4 Groove • AC4 rating 


8mm  • 8 Colours • V4 Groove • Embossed texture • AC4 Rating 


8mm • 7 Colours • V4 Groove • Embossed texture • AC4 Rating

Bonetto Herringbone 

8mm • 9 Colours • V4 Groove • Embossed texture • AC4 Rating • Moisture guard


10mm  • 8 Colours • V4 Groove • Embossed texture • AC4 Rating


10mm  • Narrow boards (157mm wide) • 8 colours • V Groove • Embossed texture • AC5 rating 


12mm • 8 Colours  • V Groove • Embossed texture • AC5 rating • Moisture guard 


12mm • 8 Colours • V Groove • Embossed texture • AC4 rating