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Kellars 2022 Recap

WOW. 2022 has most certainly been our best and busiest year yet, and we wanted to share the highlights with our customers, followers and supporters in this ‘Kellars 2022 Recap blog’

Award winning Floorlink Underlay & Accessories:

Let’s start with one of our highlights from last year: Winning the Flooring Innovation Marketing Category Award for our Floorlink Underlay and Accessories brand in September. At the start of 2022, our design team, Mike and Ellie pulled together a fantastic brand for this collection, which aimed to be simple, but on trend, and something the industry hadn’t yet seen. With vibrant colours and bold text, this collection certainly caught a few eyes over the previous 9 months. 

We stepped up our level of offering for this brand by introducing a wall stand which showcases our range of door bars, underlay, premier metals and scotias, along with the new Floorlink branding.  Kellars aims to provide added value to each and every product, and for this brand, we introduced new branded packaging, underlay covers, our own adhesive glue brand, and collection printed guides. We look forward to developing this further in 2023. 

All things Carpet development: 

It’s been carpet, carpet and more carpet for us as a wholesaler; introducing multiple new products, stand options and a huge increase in carpet roll sales this year since the new additions. Earlier on, we brought Sorrento (Saxony) , Napoli (Twist)  and Veneto (Twist) to the market, along with additional products later in the year in both 4m and 5m rolls; Roma in 6 colours, Eros in 8 colours, and Perseus in 10 colours. These carpet products have been a huge hit, and in high demand ever since.

Not only have our products made their mark lately, our Kellars Carpet wall stands stepped up to another level at the show, even since our 2021 designs. This was our largest stand selection of our 150sqm showroom, and certainly caught the attention of our customers and visitors. September also saw the beginning of another two popular carpet stand options: Lecterns, each showing a carpet range, and smaller floor stands, promoting our ranges in branded sample book format. Each of these have been a great addition to the portfolio. 

What are our plans for 2023?

Kellars aims to bring more products to the market this year, including additional brands and developments to our current collections. As we always do, we will be looking into infrastructure, recruitment and transport investments to open Kellars up to additional areas across the UK, and increase our brand exposure in the industry. 

With our 4 depots; Stockport, Shildon, Glasgow and Rugby being busier than ever, we will be looking at further expansions and depot developments over the next 12 months. Each and everyday we are working towards our vision of being the largest flooring wholesaler in the UK, and we think 2023 will push us even closer to our goal. 


We have a fantastic team of Area Sales Managers who cover almost every area on the UK map, and market our range of products, stands and services to new and existing customers. We thank them for their passion for the industry and look forward to another year with the team. Here’s to 2023!