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Part 1: 2023 is the year to STAND out with Kellars.

Kellars Flooring Stands

With January well underway, and stand installations getting closer, we wanted to show you how to brighten up the aesthetic of your store or showroom in 2023 with Kellars branded Flooring Stands.

Let’s start with the latest, and greatest: Alva LVT Wall stand:

Since the official launch of this stand at the Harrogate Flooring Show in September 2022, this has been up there with our most popular stand options for our customers.  

Our 10 Alva Planks, and 10 matching colour Herringbone sample boards are showcased on our wall stands, each with Kellars Alva specification stickers. Each product provides a 0.5mm wear layer, multi-bevelled edge, 2.5 total thickness, 25 year domestic warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty. 

Let’s take a closer look: 

2021 Award Winning brand: Forma Laminate & Herringbone

Another customer favourite, still in demand in 2023 is our 9 range Forma Laminate Collection. We offer 3 options: Wall stand, Circular stand, and our Floor stand all at various price points. 

Each of our laminate planks have an easy-installation click system, real wood aesthetic, water resistant finish, and offer plank thicknesses of 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Our Award Winning branding explains it all. The perfect addition to Create your Masterpiece and add some colour to your store this year…

2022 Award Winning Brand: Floorlink Underlay & Accessories

Last but certainly not least, our 2022 Award Winning Underlay and Accessories brand… Floorlink. Last year saw the introduction of our stand board for this collection and this recent addition to the flooring market has had a fantastic reaction, with the latest re-brand, a style that the industry hasn’t seen before.

This Floor Board Stand is the perfect addition if you have a small area to fill, including our Door Bars, Scotias, and Premier Metals ranges, along with both Carpet and Laminate Underlay samples. 

Keep en eye out for Part 2: Coming soon

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