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Part 2: 2023 is the year to STAND out with Kellars.

Earlier this month, we posted Part 1 to this blog, and talked about all things Alva, Forma and Floorlink branded stands. Next up is our ‘Part 2: 2023 is the year to STAND out with Kellars‘ reviewing and discussing our Allora SPC, Centicus Carpet, Octavian Vinyl, and Novoturf Artificial Grass. 

Show your elegance with Allora SPC. 

With a choice of a wall stand, or toast rack, Allora SPC has been in demand through every season. In particular, our 6 colour Herringbone range has recently become a popular choice for store customers, and home renovations, due to the homewide suitability, and on-trend aesthetic.

Our branded wall stands show all 22 of our natural wood effects Plank, Herringbone, and Tile, and our standing toast rack showcases 12 boards, for smaller store spaces and additions. Each of our boards provide a scratch resistant layer, easy clean surface and suitability for high foot traffic areas. 

Discover Superior Comfort: Centicus Carpet 

Our best-seller since September 2021; Carpet wall stands, lecterns, and sample book stands. Since launching the brand, and exhibition stands at the Flooring Show in Harrogate 2 years ago, we have had a huge reaction to this collection, with the introduction of additional ranges multiple times a year. 

We offer a range of pile types, at various price points, from commercial carpets, to our high end products such as Lazio, Perseus and Eros for a luxury, softer underfoot feel. 

Our new carpet point of sale brings a look to the flooring market like no other, with 3 Collections; Senteos, Amphora, and Centicus. Our additional light box illuminates any showroom, certainly attracting all customers walking into their local flooring store.

Adding some colour with Octavian Vinyl 

Our tiered Vinyl stand rack showcases our 9 Octavian ranges, including our latest Luna products. With more than 75 decors, whether it’s plain, patterned, striped, wood or stone aesthetic, we have something suited for each of our customers. 

If you’re looking for the current on-trend Herringbone aesthetic, our 9 decor Atlantis range is the perfect choice. Shop each range in 2m, 3m and 4m rolls.

Be Garden Happy with Novoturf Artificial Grass.

With Summer soon approaching, we know that customers are in need of one thing… and that’s our Artificial Grass.

Novoturf, our well-known brand across Kellars, is now available in our new black edition stand with 10 ranges on show to choose from.

Our ranges vary from 20mm – 42mm in thickness to accommodate the needs of our customers, and keeps up with the demand in the UK in time for the warmer months in the garden. 

We look forward to bringing some new products to the market this Summer. 

For product/stand enquiries, please contact:

T: 0161 443 0970