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The Kellars Blackpool Roadshow event

We kicked our 2nd independent ‘Kellars Roadshow’ off on Thursday, but this time in Blackpool for our North-East and West Customers. We held the event at The Village Hotel in Blackpool, which proved to be a brilliant venue for the show.

We gave our customers the opportunity to check out our latest product and stand additions, place some orders, and catch up with the Kellars team, along with fellow friends of the industry. 

Kellars have recently introduced a wide selection of new carpets to the portfolio  increasing the number of products in our Messina range from 6-16, and our Napoli range has doubled, now in 12 colours. 

We exhibited some additional new Centicus Carpets; Euphora, Vasari, Argyle, Zadar, Helios, Lorenzo, Maestro and more to our branded Lecterns and Wall stands.

So far, this has had a fantastic, positive reaction to the market, and we will continue to develop our other brands and ranges in the next few months.

This show also provided an opportunity for our customers to check out our new Forma brand artwork, including new branded sample covers, and product board specification stickers. Things just keep getting better for this 2021 Award Winning brand, and we can’t wait to show you more of the brands development in months to come.

As usual, our Alva LVT, and Allora SPC proved to be in high demand, with both product and stand orders flying in from our customers across the UK. The fantastic thing about our Alva brand, is that we offer multiple stand options, at various price points, and for all store sizes.

Whether you’ve got a wall space to fill, or require a small gap filler, our Alva stands have got you covered! For more information on this, please contact your area sales manager. 

As the day went on, the fun began! Drinks were flowing, Cheltenham was live,  the fun casino games with Kellars printed money took place, and the brand provided an impressive performance from 9pm onwards. 

We want to thank everyone for joining us over the last few days, and we hope to see you very soon… or at the next roadshow! For now, keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates, Kellars highlights, and the latest additions.