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Our latest Carpet launches

If you didn’t know already, at Kellars we are always introducing new products to our flooring portfolio to keep up with the latest trends, and the ongoing demand for products in the UK.

If you thought there was nothing better than our current stock levels and extensive range of styles and colours that we could introduce to the market! We’ve proved you wrong 🙂

Let’s discuss Kellars’ latest Carpet additions:

Our Messina, an already popular dense tight twist carpet has increased to 16 colours from 6, in both 4m & 5m. Each with a 10th gauge, delustered finish and a weight of 1600g.

The number of colours in our Napoli, equally as popular as our Messina, has doubled; going from 6 to 12. This low tight piled Twist action backed carpet provides a weight of 750g, and can be ordered in 4m & 5m.

Napoli provides exceptional value for money, due to the quality of the product, maintaining a combination of both longevity and luxury!

Some of these new products will certainly catch an eye or two, with some new colourful and vibrant decors, along with our current Grey’s, Beiges and Anthracite, and we guarantee we have various products to meet with your customer’s needs.

Napoli isn’t the only range which has doubled in the number of colours. The always in demand Venus, a super soft luxurious saxony has increased by 6 colours, from 6-12.  This product provides a soft backing, 16.5mm pile height, and can be ordered in both 4&5m.

As always our ranges boast the best stainblock technology, meaning they are 100% bleach cleanable.

Along with the additional colour introductions above, we have also brought in a selection of some brand new ranges;  Euphora, Vasari, Argyle, Zadar, Helios, Lorenzo, and Maestro all packed with colour which had shown to have a positive reaction from our customers at our latest Roadshow Exhibition event in Blackpool!

Your sales representatives are out in force with all new ranges in the car ready to show you these great new additions first hand, but if you understandably can’t wait please call them today to book an appointment.