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Jack O’Connor

Jack O’Connor joined us back in September 2022, and after a week or two with the team, he  jumped straight into the challenge of being an Area Sales manager for Kellars at the Flooring Show, held in Harrogate.

The show was a positive start to Jack’s time at Kellars as a Sales Representative for us as a wholesaler in such a competitive industry. Kellars proved to be a strong contender on a whole when it came to stock levels, product variety, branding, and stand options.

He says: “It didn’t take me long to realise that Kellars are truly impressive, and a one stop shop for every flooring retailer to find best selling ranges for their clients all in one space”

As an Area Sales Manager covering Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and South Oxfordshire, Jack has the responsibility of creating partnerships with retailers, building the Kellars brand in the South, and promoting exclusive ranges to the market.

Before joining us at Kellars, he started his flooring journey in a family run carpet shop for 8 years at 18 years old. Followed by 8 years as a trade counter manager and flooring representative. After building up his experience in the industry, he took the leap and joined Kellars in September 2022.

Fast forward 8 months, Jack is well into his role, and is loving every minute of it. We asked him a few questions about his time at Kellars:

Favourite Kellars stand: “I would say our Carpet Lecterns. Many of my customers’ stores are high street shops and space is limited. We can display our best selling ranges in a smaller footprint, which are inexpensive and quick to install. Sleek looks, great shelf storage space and easily interchangeable. Makes a shop a showroom”

Favourite thing about Kellars as a company: “Independent, exclusive, number 1 supplier for the retailer, tight knit team that supports all aspects of the business”

What’s your best selling product? “New products are introduced every month, but the best product for me would be Messina Carpets. 1/10th gauge polypropylene twist in 16 on trend shades, as well as two tones and plain shades that can bridge the gap between man made carpets and 80/20 wool twists. As well as being very good value for money on cuts and rolls”

Who do you work with and alongside? “Ben Granville (Southern Sales Manager), Southern sales team. On a whole I would say I have a great collaboration with the whole Kellars teams across the country; Sales, Transport, Warehouse, Services and Accounts