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It’s Cosy Season: Top Choices for Carpet & Underlay

It’s officially that time of the year again – cosy carpet season! And when it comes to choosing the correct carpet, it’s important to embrace the warmth and comfort of a luxurious underfoot feel.

When it comes to carpets, the tight thick pile reigns supreme. The spotlight is on Kellars’ exclusive luxurious options like the Lazio Deluxe, Lorenzo, and Messina. Each of these carpet products offer unrivalled value. Their dense, tightly woven fibres not only provide comfort but also provide exceptional warmth during the frosty months.

But for those who are embracing modern underfloor heating systems, opting for low tog rated products is the smart move. Carpets such as Napoli, Lazio Elite, Sorrento, Vasari, and Euphora are designed to complement these systems. Their lower tog ratings ensure efficient heat transfer, allowing the warmth from the underfloor heating to permeate through, and create that homely and cosy underfoot feel.

And let’s not forget about the hidden secret of carpet comfort – the underlay. For optimal thermal insulation and supreme comfort, a high-density PU underlay is the way to go. Paso and Lujo, stand out as market favourites. They not only enhance the overall feel of your carpet but also act as a barrier against the cold, and underfloor drafts.

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