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Ryan Evans

After years of experience in warehouse operations, roofing work and asbestos removal, Ryan decided to jump into a new industry and opportunity at Kellars.

In June 2020, Ryan started off as a warehouse operative here in Shildon and has often spent some time in Glasgow helping to run their warehouse operations.

“Since I have been working a few different jobs over the years, I was keen to jump into the flooring industry, and was excited to get started at Kellars after getting the job”

Shortly after gaining some experience and knowledge in the flooring industry, it took no time for the warehouse operative to work his way up to lead supervisor in our Northeast depot.

The lead supervisor said “I was over the moon when I was promoted to this position and love the everyday challenges of this role in the warehouse”

A typical day for Ryan consists of picking stock, loading and unloading Kellars trucks, sorting out the organisation of the warehouse, taking stock levels and managing the team of operatives in Shildon.

“I love the environment at Kellars and I am surrounded by a fantastic team which makes the company feel more like a family than a corporate business”

With the rapid growth and development at Kellars, along with the increase in warehouse space means that the company is heading in the right direction.

Ryan says: “It’s great to see the company evolving in such a short space of time, and the expansion of warehouse space and new depots means we are able to meet and exceed the need for flooring in the UK”

Away from his busy work schedule, Ryan spends time with his younger daughter on weekends away and often visits local beaches around the Northeast with his family and friends.