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staff profiles

Jack O’Connor

Jack O’Connor joined us back in September 2022, and after a week or two with the team, he  jumped straight into the challenge of being an Area Sales manager for Kellars at the Flooring Show, held in Harrogate. The show was a positive start to… Read More »Jack O’Connor

Brian Shenkin

Brian Shenkin, one of two Area Sales Managers for Scotland and surrounding areas joined the team at Kellars 3.5 years ago. Since then, Brian has never looked back. In 2020, Kellars came knocking, and Dave Francis interviewed him for the role, allowing Kellars to expand… Read More »Brian Shenkin

Ben Butler

Ben Butler joined us 8 months ago as an Area Sales Manager, to cover North and East London, and Essex, as we continue to expand Kellars into the Southern sectors of the UK.  His flooring journey began after he started building his sales experience early… Read More »Ben Butler